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Mike’s Clean Freaks is a subscription based professional cleaning company for residential homes and commercial offices. There are no lock in contracts so clients can cancel anytime. We require a credit card on file for us to clean for you. This excludes commercial.

We’re a highly professional cleaning service, serving clients who specifically want quality over price. This means we’re a premium service for premium clients!

Mike’s Clean Freaks are based in Byford, and clean all over south of the river of Perth, Western Australia.

From Fremantle to Roleystone (west to east), South Perth and Applecross, down to Jarrahdale and Baldivis (north to south). Unfortunately we don’t service as far down as Mandurah at this time.

When we started we used to offer all things cleaning for residential. But we were finding one time jobs to be the least profitable of all our services. We also found our regular clients were loving us, and we were loving the predictability of the schedule, and staff having a predictable roster so they can plan their lives around work. This is the best business model for happy staff.

Good staff are so important to a business (and so hard to find), so Mike looks for ways on how he can make this a great workplace where people love coming to work. For this reason we have great employee retention, and the cleaning industry is known for churning through staff. High employee turnover directly correlates to increased customer complaints (because all the staff are inexperienced and forced into working alone before they are ready, in order to service the clients)

Mike likes to praise staff publically as much as possible no matter how small the compliment, and keep criticism private behind closed doors. We are building a reputation for them to live up to, and guess what? It’s working!

As a result, our staff love the job, love their clients, love their colleagues, and love the business! They don’t need babysitting, they hold themselves accountable, and they take ownership of everything within their job role.

Meet the Team!

Mike H

I’m a qualified butcher and worked in the trade full time for 13 years. My longest stints were at Hadley’s Butcher in Willetton for 5 years.

I then left and started working at Olsen Butchers in Roleystone where I also stayed for 5 years, working for Gavin Olsen and Collin Olsen. That is easily one of the best shops in Perth! They also have a shop in Garden City and South Perth.

I’ve been obsessed with the topic of business as a whole ever since reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This started a fire within me!

I planned for years to one day buy or open my own butcher shop, I’d finish work and write up business plans for different shops and make up cash-flow forecasts all at night. Luckily with all this planning, I realised the shops I was looking at had little potential or too high a risk and too little reward to risk your house and livelihood over.

I found out about cleaning accidentally, and here we are with Mike’s Clean Freaks! Now butchering is just a distant memory!

mikes clean freaks

Alannah K

Alannah lives in Bibra Lake which is a huge relief as it’s hard to find good people who live so central where most of our customers are located.

Also a school cleaner in Fremantle, she was looking for something with better hours rather than split shifts everyday.

Alannah nearly accepted an office job as a receptionist but decided against it after a little persuasion from Mike.

It was a bit of a gamble for her as she didn’t know if we were the right job for her, nor if she was the right fit for us. I’m very very glad she took that gamble because she’s turned out to be exactly what we’re looking for!

Alannah is fast, efficient, very thorough, hard working, reliable, and has a great attitude!

This basically means she has every single attribute that we’re looking for in our ideal employee.

Brady M

Brady has an uncanny ability to clean like I never expected. All you have to do is look at his house and know your in good hands. Everything is organised, tidy, clean, ornaments well presented and dusted, and dozens of little plants that he looks after, which all are in good health.

I had never hired a male before because it’s almost all females applying for the role, and I’ll admit, I had reservations. Males aren’t always known for their cleaning abilities and attention to detail, so it was a huge relief to find Brady. He was by far the best applicant out of all the others that applied at that time despite the vast majority being ladies!

Brady might be quiet, but you don’t have to be a chatterbox to be an effective cleaner. If anything he’s a great cleaner because he can get in and get to work undistracted.

mikes clean freaks
mikes clean freaks

Dominique S

Born in Germany, Dominique and her family moved to Chicago, USA as a teenager, then moved to Perth.

She’s married a man who loves golf, so she’s proven to be an intelligent lady and knows how to pick them

Dominique has breezed through training as I expected she would, and has clients of her own. It definitely didn’t take her long!

She loves horses and all things animals and a wise man once told me, you can’t trust a person who doesn’t like animals.

Robyn B

Robyn lives in Success, so another very central lady – they are few and far between and they’re worth their weight in gold!

Robyn smashed through our training like she had been doing it her whole life. Anyone would think she was born for this job!

The ever so reliable and consistent Robyn, always puts in 100% day in day out. She fits all of our core values and never complains. She just gets in and gets it done.

mikes clean freaks

Nicolla P

Nicolla lives in Huntingdale with her two young children. Huntingdale is great for us as it’s somewhat centrally located.

I knew within the first few days that Nicolla would be a great fit within this company. She has a great, fun personality, she doesn’t get offended by everything, and she can take Mike’s ridiculously funny jokes and sarcasm.

Nicolla never receives complaints, she can match it with any of our cleaners. She’s so consistent, that I know I never have to worry if she’ll do a good job.

Stephanie W

Steph was recommended to apply from her best friend Nicolla. She has one 6 year old beautiful daughter.

Nicolla put in a raving reference for her, saying Steph keeps her own house pristine, and even cleans her friends house because “they’re too messy”. Stephs house would remind you of a traditional Asian ladies home – where everything is meticulous, neat, tidy and organised.

Steph was also working at a competitor’s cleaning company at the time of applying, so she was already learning about the cleaning industry so she knew what was involved.

Mike’s Clean Freaks

Radhi K

Radhi is best friends with Kahli, and Kahli seems to like it here so naturally recommended us to her friends as a great workplace.

Radhi is an unusual lady considering she’s young. The challenge is how to keep this short.

Radhi received a complaint once, and boy did she respond in the best way anyone can. Insisted it would never happen again and that she’d learn from it. And boy has she learnt from it. She has a great attitude towards hard work and the company. She is great with customers, happy and bubbly personality making her great with her colleagues. Her customers all love her and her colleagues love working with her.

My opinion is Radhi will stick around for a while, and we’ll make sure it stays in her best interest to be here.

Kahli B

Kahli was recommended to apply from her friend Chloe who worked here for around 6 months before joining the police force (Also 18).

Kahli applied twice, not making it through the first time, but she’s resilient and doesn’t give up easily, so she applied again a month later, and put in arguably the best application we’ve ever seen. Which goes to show you only truly fail when you give up.

Although Kahli is very shy, she’s actually super friendly and takes feedback extremely well. Kahli smashed through our training very unexpectedly fast, usually 18 year olds need significantly more time.

Mike’s Clean Freaks

Rebecca C

Rebecca has 3 kids, Leo 8, Bella 6, and Seb 3.

Rebecca is extremely friendly and pleasant to be around and has even kept her sense of humour regardless of this politically correct world we live in – occasionally reminding me that the world isn’t completely crazy.

She loves coming to work, and is always bubbly and smiling, so clients will naturally love her. I believe Rebecca will be sticking around for a while!

You’ll be in good hands as she just won our employee of the quarter for April to June 2023!

Gabby P

Gabby came with plenty of previous cleaning experience, so training was a breeze, plus she adapted to our different ways of doing things very quickly and easily.

She’s also quite intelligent as she put a lot of planning into where she wants to live. She lives directly across the road from a Golf Course.

Although you may feel it’s a bit of a waste that she doesn’t even play, she somehow managed to earn my respect regardless.

Gabby’s a music loving, artsy Mum with 2 daughters, a husband, 2 dogs and a cat

mikes clean freaks

Nickie B

Nickie lives in the coastal suburb of Waikiki, and she decided she wanted to work in the cleaning industry, so her friend and a former customer of ours recommended that if she works in this industry, Mike’s Clean Freaks is the place to work.

As you can tell, most of our staff come from referrals and recommendations.

Nickie’s life experience has shown early on, she cleans to a very high standard, and works extremely hard, which is a testament to her generation.

Fiona N

Fiona is doing an amazing job, she also responds extremely well to any criticism or negative feedback. (It’s a huge red flag when people don’t take it well because those people have a victim mindset and will find themselves never improving). In the beginning, every employee will receive negative feedback of some sort, it’s the only way to grow.

Fiona has a great attitude towards work in general, great communication, and well and truly fits our core values as a company, so naturally she gets along extremely well with her colleagues and she’ll no doubt make lifelong friendships.


Kelly C

Kelly came with previous cleaning experience in a different cleaning company. She was looking to resume casual work after returning from having a baby, so was recommended by Sharon to apply.

Kelly has a husband and young daughter and lives around the Kwinana area which seems to be a popular area with our employees to reside.

Courtney H

Courtney bought a house with her fiance in the Kwinana area and has a beautiful young daughter.

Courtney came here after her cousin Alannah (existing employee) sang our praises and recommended she apply as it’s a great workplace.

She’s a great fit here, she works hard, cleans well, reliable and has a good sense of humour. She also doesn’t get offended when Mike routinely calls her Monica from the TV show Friends (Courtney Cox), so we know she’ll be a long termer.


Sharon F

Sharon came highly recommended from Gabby as they previously worked together at a different company.

And Sharon certainly didn’t disappoint, her previous experience has really shown and she breezed through our training. She was one of the fastest we’ve had to ever go out on her own. It usually takes 1 month to 4 months depending on the person, Sharon was only 2.5 weeks!

Sharon has said this is her ideal workplace and she loves the cleaning industry, so she’ll probably be sticking around for a while!

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